Technology Detox?

Good morning!

I just watched a program about technology detox. A mother was tired of her whole family spending all of their time using some kind of technology. Her 6 year old was always on his portable game consol. Her 13 year old and her husband were always playing tv games together and her 16 year old was always on her computer and smsed around 5000 (!) times a day.

It got to the point where the family just didn’t spend any real time together anymore and just didn’t communicate. So she decided to take every single technology thing away for 48 hours, this even included the TV.

Panic set in within the whole family when they were told and had absolutely NO idea what to do with thhemselves! The panic in the 16 year olds eyes! Wow. The 6 year old thought he would die!

After 8 hours the whole house was in a frenzy. Everyone running around like chickens without heads! LOL It was quite funny to see. The husband sat there on the sofa sulking because he could hear his next door neighbour watching a big match on TV.

However, after a few more hours they were playing board games together. The 16 year old was cleaning the kitchen , and then went out for a walk with her mum and they actually *connected* for the first time in ages. The 6 year old also went out for a walk with his mum and really enjoyed it. The 13 year slept better and faster without his TV on in his room. Overall it was a success.

Now they have set rules regarding when they can use technology and how often. No TV or mobile phones during meal times and all technology off after 9pm on a weekend and earlier on a school night.

Could I live without technology for 48 hours? Of course I could! I wouldn’t die without it but it does help me pass the time I have. I am sure it would be easier  if I could work or do more things than what I can do now.

We actually have a computer free day now for the children so that they learn to do other things. There was no computers when I was growing up and I was out most of the time climbing trees and playing games with friends.

Times have changed and I realise that but I don’t think we need to spend so much time with technology as we do now.  I saw something on TV (tv again!)  about how children have no idea how to be bored and find something to do anymore because they spend so much time playing tv games or online or playing with their phones. That is a shame. There is nothing wrong with a child being bored sometimes and finding something to do.

I wonder how todays children will turn out? How do you have it in your home? I don’t mean just children. We adults are just as bad… I know I am!

Hmm maybe we will have a tv free night once a week! It can only be a good thing! 🙂

What are your thoughts?



~ by pipkinera on January 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Technology Detox?”

  1. Håller med fullständigt, man får nog försöka hitta en gyllene medelväg.

  2. Jag är inte den allra värsta tech-killen, men jag tror (med handen på hjärtat) att det skulle vara riktigt svårt! Var går gränsen för teknologi undrar jag…

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