People watching with Magnolia!

Last night I went out to watch a local band called Magnolia who play what I describe as 70’s groove rock music! I love that kind of music and they are really good! Here is a link to their MySpace page if you are interested!

Anyway it was a great night and I met a few really nice people 🙂 As a big city girl and going to see a band that is good and great instumentalists I expected the place to be absolutely packed and was a bit worried that we wouldn’t get a seat as we got there as late as possible because of my silly back.

It was quite empty when we got there but diid fill up later. However the crowd quite intrigued me. I love just sitting there watcing people and find myself doing it quite often. So half the night was spent just watching the crowd… And it was a strange crowd. For me, anyway! LOL

First came along a women in her 50’s, I would say, and she was soooo drunk! LOL Dancing with a beer in her hand all night (Not the same bottle of beer!) She was falling all over the place and talking to everyone and generally just enjoying herself! Pointing at everyone as you do when drunk and doing some strange dance moves! I am absolutely sure I have been the same at some points in my life! LOL

Then came along a couple dancing the old fashioned way together… He was much much older than her and it was funny to watch them dancing that way to that kind of music. I think they had an arguement at some point of the night judging by how mad she seemed to be a bit later on.

Then…. OMG! I got so annoyed! Now I do not care how people look or dress at all but I will call a spade a spade and say what I think! There was a woman dancing… Now this woman was absolutely horrrible to someone! There was a young guy there minding his own busy and really enjoying the band. He looked alternative and really cool, I thought! However he had a shaved head and thick rimmed glasses on and a few piercings. Well this evil woman gave him a filthy looked then turned to the guy dancing with her and said something and then pointed to him. The guy made a horrible face and proceeded to stare at this poor guy for a while. The woman just kept staring too and giving him strange looks all night after that!

I swear I was boiling up and if it wasn’t for the fact that Peter was with me (He hates fights and disagreements) I would have gone up to her and said “Try looking at yourself in the mirror before you judge someone else and be evil towards them!” F*ck I was mad!

It was a great night of listening to a great band and people watching 🙂 Suffering a bit with my back today but it was worth it! Roll on the next Magnolia gig, I say!



~ by pipkinera on January 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “People watching with Magnolia!”

  1. Normal crowd i would say, people who is genuinely digging the music and probably not only there to drink a few beers.

    • There was a lot digging the music, baby 🙂 Shame I couldn’t dance!

      I was just fascinated with the crowd as it was my first gig in a pub in a small town. The summer one we went too was a different crowd?

  2. Oh, I liked this very much! Thank you for giving me a good laughter!

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