I’m nervous about tomorrow

Tomorrow I am having another epidural steroid injection. I’m not normally nervous at all because they really do help and I am knocked out for it. But last time, 9 weeks ago, I didn’t get any good effect from it at all. The only thing it did was cause me more pain. The actual injection site still hurts and is a little swollen.

I think he gave me it lower down in my lumbar spine last time. I’ve read online that it’s not good to get it in the same place every time. And he also hit a nerve, I think because I reacted to poison even when I was asleep and that’s never happened!

Anyway I’m going to talk to the doctor before he gives me the infection and find out why it didn’t work last time and decide if I will have it done or not. I haven’t decided yet. I’m almost certain I will have it but just not 100%

Last week I got a new TENS apparat from my physiotherapist, a newer model, and a  new program to try. For the past year I’ve been using program 1,now I can try program 5 and see how it is. I’ve tried it twice now and it doesn’t seem to be as effective as program one, not for me anyway. She figured I might be getting used to program one now so it might not be having the same effect as earlier. I’ll keep trying it and see if it gets better. I can always use the first one anytime I need to.

~ by pipkinera on March 25, 2013.

11 Responses to “I’m nervous about tomorrow”

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Sounds like a good idea to talk to the doctor before you decide if you´r going through with it! I have tried TENS before my operation and it didn´t work at all and now with metal in my back they say I can´t use it. So again, good luck!

    • I think some people can use it on ryggstödet, or have I got that wrong?

      Thanks! I’m going to be a wreck in the morning! Have to be up at 5 am for the 2 hour journey and can’t eat or drink until after.

      I must catch up on your blog! It’s much easier on WordPress cause we have an app for the phone!

  2. You´re right! I don´t know why we get diffrent messages… But it didn´t help me so I haven´t checked it out proparly. I do hope you already are sleeping, tough day tomorrow!

  3. Jag håller mina tummar för dej imorgon och hoppas att det går bra för dej.
    Gällande TENS, jag brukar ha ett program där den växlar mellan att “durra” och ge “stötar”. Jag tycker det brukar funka bäst även om den inte funkar alls nu när ryggen är så kass som den är.
    Jag blir så avunsjuk på er som kan skriva så bra på engelska, jag fattar engelska bra och jag är ganska bra på att prata det också men när det gäller att skriva är jag kass. Så jag är så glad att jag kan svara på svenska 😛
    Lycka till imorgon och varma kramar till dej

  4. Glad Påsk! Hur mår du nu?

    • Tack, detsamma!
      Jag har inte mått så bra efter sprutan men idag känns det lite bättre, hittills 🙂

      Har börjat med ont i svansen också. Det hade jag för några år sedan men gick över, nu är det tillbaka.

      Hur går det med dig?

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