I’m nervous about tomorrow

•March 25, 2013 • 11 Comments

Tomorrow I am having another epidural steroid injection. I’m not normally nervous at all because they really do help and I am knocked out for it. But last time, 9 weeks ago, I didn’t get any good effect from it at all. The only thing it did was cause me more pain. The actual injection site still hurts and is a little swollen.

I think he gave me it lower down in my lumbar spine last time. I’ve read online that it’s not good to get it in the same place every time. And he also hit a nerve, I think because I reacted to poison even when I was asleep and that’s never happened!

Anyway I’m going to talk to the doctor before he gives me the infection and find out why it didn’t work last time and decide if I will have it done or not. I haven’t decided yet. I’m almost certain I will have it but just not 100%

Last week I got a new TENS apparat from my physiotherapist, a newer model, and a  new program to try. For the past year I’ve been using program 1,now I can try program 5 and see how it is. I’ve tried it twice now and it doesn’t seem to be as effective as program one, not for me anyway. She figured I might be getting used to program one now so it might not be having the same effect as earlier. I’ll keep trying it and see if it gets better. I can always use the first one anytime I need to.



•March 21, 2013 • 8 Comments

Shoes…I love shoes. Big shoes, shoes that make you feel like you have shoes on! 

Every summer I have a problem with shoes! In winter it’s easy, Dr Marten like boots! I have a pair of Dr Martens but they are too heavy for me at the moment. They make my back worse because of the weight of them when walking even though they aren’t that heavy.

I love high heels, with thick heals, not the stilettoes. Even 70’s shoes with wedges. Someone suggested them but I daren’t try them! 


I can’t wear high heels, and really flat shoes aren’t good either. I don’t want to wear training shoes all the time! Does anyone with a problem back have any suggestions? Or have found a pair of shoes that actually work?  Preferably rock/goth type shoes? I’m not asking too much, am I? 😉

Here are the shoes I would wear if I could! I can dream a little! Or buy them and lay in the sofa with them on! LOL


I feel like a liar!

•March 18, 2013 • 8 Comments

I’m so upset at the moment!

Idag träffade jag min husläkare för att förlänga sjukskrivning. Jag har varit sjukskriven i 3 år nu och har aldrig haft ett problem med detta. Men några månader sedan ringde min handläggare på fk och sa att jag behöver en läkare som jag kan träffa hela tiden för att hon har tänkt att jag kanske kan få sjukersättning istället snart. På VC här har de ingen fast anställd läkare sa jag bytt till en annan klinik här.

Han var trevligt första gången jag träffade han och det var ingen problem med sjukintygen alls. Jag sa att jag skulle till spine center.

Idag frågade han om jag hade varit till spine center. Ja förra veckan, sa jag. Men jag har inte journalen från de, jag kan inte sjukskriva dig utan det!

Men du sa inte till mig förra gången att du vill ha den, sa jag. Annars kunde jag ha sagt nånting till de! Då började jag gråta som fan. Jag kunde inte sluta! Jag skrikade Jag har tillräckligt med ryggen utan att få ett problem med det här med! Okej okej, sa han. Jag kan få journalen om jag skriver ett brev till de. Jag sjukskriva dig.

Herregud vad är det som händer inom vården här i sverige? Han var inte ens intresserad av vad spine center sa. Jag kände mig så värdelös och att jag bara gå runt och tycker det är roligt att ha ont hela tiden och kan inte göra ett jävla skit själv!

Tror de att vi tycker att det är roligt att inte kunna jobba och måste vara hemma hela tiden ensam med inget att göra? Tror de det, verkligen? Jag bara undrar nu för att jag har läst väldigt mycket om sånt här den senaste veckorna.

Cortisone Injections

•March 17, 2013 • 4 Comments

I woke up today and my back felt quite ok, for my back. But gradually it started burning in my lower spine. It’s a horrible feeling and one that is hard to control. As the day has gone on its just got worse and worse as it normally does.

None of the medication I take helps. I’ve tried anti-inflammatory gel and my TENS apparat twice… I’m laying on the sofa with it now. This is one of the types of pain I get in my back that doesn’t get relieved by it. However it will hopefully help the tension in my muscles that comes with the burning.

I get cortisone injections in my spine every 3 months to help with it and for the last 2 years they have helped. However the one I had 8 weeks ago didn’t help at all. He injected the cortisone a little lower down this time and it just didn’t hit the right spot. I think he did it cause it’s not good to have the injection in the same place every time.

I am getting another injection next week. Three weeks earlier than I should because I can’t cope with this pain anymore. So just a few days left and hopefully it will be better again… I still won’t be able to sit but I will be able to walk around a little without it causing this pain.

They normally last for about 8-9 weeks and then it starts coming back. But I can normally cope with it for a couple of weeks until the next injection.

Time to watch a film and try and take my mind off it!

Massive Marbled Muffins

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First time I’ve succeeded to make massive muffins! They’ve always been too small before or I’ve put too much mixture in the muffin cases and they’ve run over the top. I’ll post a recipe once I’ve perfected the recipe 🙂

Degenerative Disc Disease or SRS Segmentell Rörelsesmärta: Diagnosed too late.

•March 13, 2013 • 12 Comments

It’s been a long time since i posted anything. However I’m going to try and write more often again now! It can help to write about how I feel, I think?

I have now been diagnosed with Degenarative disc disease (DDD). I have had a problem with my lower back for 11 years now. Every orthopeadic doctor I have met (about 4-5) have never been able to tell me what’s wrong apart from the 2 herniated disks, and that I am not bad enough to have a fushion in my spine. The last doctor I met told me that he couldn’t operate at that time because I have a problem on 2 levels in my spine. The risk of being worse afterwards was much higher. That was about a year and a half ago.

Well after trying and trying for 2 years to get a recommendation see a spine specialist here in Sweden, I finally get one and met him last week. After just 10 minutes I get my diagnosis! Degenarative Disc Disease (SRS på Svenska). However he also told me that it is too late to have a fushion! I should have had one a long time ago! I was so frustrated! All the doctors I have met and not one has taken me seriously! Which is normally the case when someone has a problem with their lower back!

Basically I have gone too long with pain and now my body is totally out of shape. I walk very badly, sit very badly and stand very badly because I do everything I can to avoid pain in my back. Even if they operate now I will still have just as much pain. I have no muscle left around my lower spine to support it.

He has a few ideas that could help me… A different kind of injection in my spine which they will do whilst looking at an xray so they can see exactly where the needle is going. That way they can make sure the injection is going into the right place in my spine. Another option is to be in hospital for a few weeks so they can sort out my pain medication properly and give me intensive physiotherapy to try and correct how I hold my body up, sit and stand etc. However he has told me that it is going to be very hard to help me now because it has taken way too long for someone to listen to me.

So, that’s where I am now. I am waiting for him to ring me with a decision.

PS: I don’t know whether to write my posts in English or Swedish!


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